Organisational Design at a Major Telecoms Provider

What was the challenge?

Our client, a major telecoms company, was implementing a number of change programmes including an integration, implementation of a new operating model and introducing a refined people strategy, role banding and terms and conditions of employment.

These change programmes were all to be managed simultaneously and therefore required an integrated and coordinated approach. Due to unforeseen complications in implementing the group organisational design principles, our client was lagging behind the wider organisation in reaching an agreed structure putting the coordinate go-live date at risk.  

Our client required support to plan and manage the simultaneous programmes and delivery to an aligned go-live ahead of the critical Christmas sales period.

How did we help?

Moorhouse were engaged to develop an overarching programme plan to ensure alignment of the interdependent change programmes. This ensured that, with our support, leadership were able to make informed decisions and prioritise key workstreams and resources.

A clear governance and reporting structure was also implemented to improve communication and decision making at all levels. Weekly working groups for the programmes ensured all parties were informed and able to work through challenges at pace.

Moorhouse also provided specific project management resource focused on the integration of the 1600 staff. In line with TUPE legislation, a complex consultation plan was developed that would also communicate an ETO (economic, technical or organisational) rationale for subsequent changes to employees T&Cs of employment as T&Cs are typically protected in such a transfer. As part of the integration planning Moorhouse worked with Finance and Technology teams to develop robust technical requirements and ensure implementations would provide the best employee experience possible

What was the impact?

Programme communication and decision making was improved at all levels. The ETO (Economic, Technical or Organisational) rationale was communicated and embedded for any subsequent changes to employees T&Cs of their employment.

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