People, Talent and Workforce at a Joint Venture Business

What was the challenge?

Our client was a joint venture business managing a joint mobile network between two telecommunication providers. They wanted to reaffirm themselves as a capable partner that adds significant value to shareholder businesses and supports further growth in the future.  However, feedback indicated that only 30% of shareholders had confidence in its ability to deliver projects.

How did we help?

Moorhouse was engaged to provide specialist support to upskill the people on project delivery.  

In an initial workshop we mapped the competencies desired by shareholders and the enablers to support them.  Working with the client, we developed an ambitious 12-week plan to deliver the following:

  • Delivery Methodology handbook: New processes, project lifecycle, reporting mechanisms, governance and documentation.  
  • Training Toolkit: Every conceivable tool to equip the organisations for a successful training rollout, including engaging training slides, speaker notes, group exercises, and feedback forms (for continuous improvement).
  • Pilot and ‘train-the-trainer’ rollout: To create in-house trainers and champions within the business (our secret weapon to enhance retention and long-term engagement)

Beyond the training: Moorhouse provided induction overviews for staff and shareholders, and FAQs for future queries; established a mailbox for feedback and continuous improvement; and circulated best practice examples of every deliverable.

What was the impact?

An incredible 98% of feedback responses to the training were ‘excellent’ to ‘outstanding’, with negative perceptions by stakeholders being mitigated.  The organisational outputs improved so dramatically as a result of the training that the telecoms providers have taken notice. They have requested briefings and materials to align their own teams in line with this enhanced project delivery methodology.  Finally, by focusing on sustainability, return on investment and honesty with our clients, Moorhouse delivered value that will continue to deliver in the long term.

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