R&D Investigator Meeting Webinars - Global Pharmaceutical Company

What was the challenge?

The client is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Investigator meetings are an opportunity for the organisation to interact with all of the Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) who are participating in a clinical trial and give them information and training on the study.   
However, these meetings were proving to be very expensive. The process involved hiring a venue in a single country and paying for travel, accommodation and other expenses incurred by HCPs from around the world to attend. It also required participants to travel and took them away from their usual work. The challenge was to reduce the cost of these investigator meetings while maintaining the quality of the interactions. 

How did we help?

By engaging with stakeholders in the business to understand the ways in which investigator meetings could be improved, Moorhouse designed a new process for running these meetings by webinar rather than face-to-face.  
The new process involved HCPs travelling within their home country to meet the local study teams in smaller groups at the client’s offices or hotels, and then using the Adobe Connect platform to connect them to groups in other countries. 
The team was able to model the costs for this new way of working by holding workshops with third party suppliers and sourcing quotes for every step in the new process.  

What was the impact?

In the first year the client achieved cost savings of £2.4m, over 50% compared to the previous model. Feedback from Healthcare Professionals shows a consistent quality of webinars compared with face to face meetings. HCPs and the client study teams also now benefit from significant time savings through the reduction of travel. Finally, we created detailed training materials and designed the process so that it can be easily replicated by the client once the team moves to business as usual.

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