Operating Model Evolution - Major Telco Provider

What was the challenge?

A rail association body plan to replace the current National Reservation Service (NRS) service provider and underlying systems.

Successful deployment, transition and rollout of this new system depends on the engagement and adoption of the new Rail Availability & Reservation Service (RARS) platform across the industry, including critical stakeholders such as: Train Operating Companies, 3rd Party Retailers and the rail association body internal teams involved in reservations based ticketing.​

The rail association body required business change support to help understand the impact of change across their stakeholder landscape.

How did we help?

The Moorhouse team was engaged mobilise raill lass change capability for the RARS2 Programme. Moorhouse engaged with a number of key programme stakeholders across the TOC (Train Operating Company) community, the rail association body, Retail and Sqills to identify the scope of change impact.

Moorhouse helped to:

  • Define and capture the programme change vision​
  • Identify and validate the impacted stakeholder landscape​
  • Assess the impact of change to each stakeholder group in terms of people, process and technology​
  • Define how the benefits of the programme can be tracked and realised​

What was the impact? 

Moorhouse delivered a comprehensive assessment of change impact across key affected stakeholder groups for the programme. This included a board level presentation of the change impact ‘hotspots’, stakeholder specific change impact analysis and recommendations and a change roadmap for managing the scope of change. 

Following on from the presentation of our findings, the rail association body immediately embarked on a new phase of work to begin mobilising the change workstream, directly building on our recommendations.


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