Service Centre Operating Model Review - Civica

What was the challenge?

Civica is a global IT-based services partner in digital solutions, software applications, and managed services. Following purchase by Omers Private Equity in 2013, the company put forward ambitious plans to more than double revenue from £220m to £500m and expand EBITDA from £47m to £100m.​ 
The organisation has grown quickly through acquisition and organic growth. To continue growing, Civica focussed their business strategy on achieving more efficient organisation and delivery structures. ​ 
The client approached us to analyse the service desk operating models for three business units, with a view to integrating them, creating a more efficient and cost effective operation.

How did we help?

We conducted a series of workshops with the senior leadership team to define their vision. We then developed a business case to integrate four service desks into one, creating a scalable platform for growth. ​​ 
We defined the target operating model with scalability in mind. The aim was to ensure that new customers could transition into the Service Desk Centre of Excellence (an Integrated Service Desk Platform). ​ 
We gave assurance to our sponsors by identifying the Work Products needed to deliver the change, and established the best programme structures for successful delivery. ​ 
Using our change management framework, we increased engagement across the organisation. Taking into account the different stakeholders, we created a tailored communications strategy and plan, and a training curriculum based on an analysis of individual needs. Alongside, we helped establish a new performance management framework to embed the changes and align behaviours with new ways of working. ​

What was the impact?

We identified clear financial business benefits with the new operating model. The integrated service desk would save the client £250,000 in operating expenses year on year. ​ 
The tools, technology and processes we standardised made for a more efficient and cost effective operation. Finally, our staff training ensured they had the skills to provide a consistent service to the customer.

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