Service Performance Reporting and Improvement - Major Telecoms Provider

What was the challenge?

Our client, a major telecommunications operator, won a significant strategic contract to deliver new complex services in the UK. The service contract required periodic reporting of 25 performance measures to govern service performance. This required a step change in how the operator managed their service operations. 
With the roll out of the new high-profile services against aggressive deadlines, our client had to design robust service performance reporting processes to meet their contractual obligations. They additionally had to ensure the supporting tools accurately provided the required performance measures, and obtain confidence that service levels could be achieved from live service commencement.

How did we help?

Moorhouse were engaged to implement a tactical solution that reported the 25 performance measures, analysed the underlying performance and drove targeted service improvement initiatives ahead of service commencement.  
We developed a monthly performance dashboard to report service performance against contracted service levels that helped identify areas of underperformance. Our further analysis identified the root cause of service performance issues against specific performance measures. We collaborated with the client and third-party suppliers to implement corrective actions.

What was the impact?

The reporting dashboard provided the client’s senior management team with clear visibility of forecasted service performance at go-live, opportunities for improvement and areas of commercial risk. 
The monthly reporting dashboard was a valuable source of performance information and reviewed within programme boards, commercial forums, service operations reviews and supplier service review meetings. 
Crucially, the insight provided by the reporting enabled effective decision making, focused management on individual performance measures, and tracked the impact of corrective actions to improve performance. This enabled the client to have confidence from live service commencement that service performance could be achieved, and risk of performance failure was minimised.

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