Sourcing & Procurement - Major Telecoms Providers

What was the challenge? 

Our client needed to procure a series of replacement service contracts to meet the network service needs of their customers. The strategy was to move towards a more customer-centric approach for service delivery. To achieve this, RFP documentation needed to be produced to help determine the new strategic solution and select suppliers for large multi-year contracts. The RFP development process was highly complex due to the technical nature of required services and conflicted customer requirements that had to be balanced and the tight deadline to deliver to the market, due to existing contract expiry.

How did we help? 

Moorhouse deployed a team to gather and document the service requirements, and were the interface between the business and procurement teams. The team worked with technical SMEs to translate requirements into the final RFP text and we facilitated review workshops. The team challenged requirements to ensure they met strategic objectives and we provided rigour to the review and sign off process. Moorhouse led the definition of overall service KPIs and determined the procurement scoring method for supplier responses. The team instituted rigorous governance, quality management and change control to ensure a robust review and audit process was followed.

What was the impact? 

Moorhouse delivered the complex RFP documentation against the agreed schedule and achieved all quality gates. The team created a set of documents that clearly articulated the requirements to potential suppliers whilst meeting individual shareholder confidentiality needs. The requirements RFP defined the future operational services for the organisations that would impact their services provided to over 40 million customers.

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