Strategic Roadmap – Heathrow

What was the challenge?

The Heathrow Expansion programme aims to connect Britain to the world by creating the world’s best-connected airport, that is best for passengers and environmentally responsible. The timescales to deliver the Expansion programme are demanding, driven by the steps needed to develop a masterplan, consult with stakeholders and secure planning consent. 

The expansion leadership team recognised the need to achieve the right balance between short-term delivery pressures and long-term strategic objectives, so engaged Moorhouse to help develop a framework to help achieve this. 

How did we help?

We worked with the leadership team to develop a strategic roadmap for the next five years. This articulated the key outcomes for the Expansion programme and the strategic decisions required to successfully achieve all key milestones, driving a focus on the top priorities. 

As we identified the key outcomes and decisions, we mapped out the dependencies and associated accountabilities for each item. This was validated through a series of meetings and workshops, then articulated in a user-friendly format. 

What was the impact?

The strategic roadmap enabled the Expansion programme to create alignment around the strategic priorities, with improved visibility of ownership across the delivery organisation. 

The roadmap also facilitated more effective collaboration by increasing focus on the key interfaces and dependencies between teams. 

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