Marketing Digital Transformation - Global Snack & Confectionery Manufacturer

What was the challenge?

A global snack and confectionery company identified the need to be more consumer centric to reverse declining sales and create new growth opportunities.   
The client completed a strategic review of their global marketing function that identified a number of digital enablers to support the new operating model. We were asked to translate this into a portfolio of global projects and to establish a programme to drive the business-critical change. 

How did we help?

We helped the client setup the programme, working with the Chief Digital Officer and Global CMO to define six strategic initiatives, including the development of a new data and analytics function, implementation of a new social listening tool, and a strengthening of marketing digital capabilities.  
We supported each initiative lead to develop a project charter, build a detailed implementation plan and establish a multi-functional team. An agile programme governance structure was established to support the initiative leads and align the programme to the wider digital transformation across the client organisation. 
We helped the client define the new digital competencies required at each level of the marketing organisation and assessed how the skills gaps could be addressed through strategic partners, third party learning content and an in-house learning curriculum.

What was the impact?

The programme tools provided the transparency and rigour to rapidly address blockers and maintain project momentum. The implementation of the social listening tool provided the client with actionable consumer insight to shape new products and provide a new platform to enhance their digital engagement with consumers.  
The marketing function established a holistic learning and development curriculum that is providing a broad range of tools to upskill all levels of the organisation: a critical building block as the organisation moves towards a more consumer centric operating model.

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