Teacher Recruitment Journey - DfE

What was the challenge?

Attracting sufficient people into teacher training has become harder in recent years. The appeal of a career in teaching is being challenged from within the industry and the media. This is driven by many factors but includes negative perceptions of working hours, remuneration, classroom behaviour and professional status.  
Faced with significant recruitment challenges and an abundance of possible improvement initiatives, the Department for Education (DfE) engaged Moorhouse to review their Teacher Training customer journey. The goal was to identify and prioritise improvement initiatives, whilst ultimately addressing the immediate loss of viable candidates through the customer journey. 

How did we help?

Our review of the customer journey helped the DfE understand the journey candidates go through, from when they initially consider becoming a teacher to securing a place.  
Our holistic, insight-driven and customer-centric approach meant we first identified the pain points that were facing the customer and resulting in poor conversion rates at each journey step. This enabled us to identify gaps and misalignments in effort, and in turn potential solutions that would ensure greater conversion of potential candidates onto teacher training courses.  
We used these findings to recommend six focus areas that could drive strategic and operational level improvement. Each recommendation was backed up by stakeholder and customer findings, insight from conversion rate data, and a list of initiatives mapped out by required effort and potential impact.  

What was the impact?

Our work provided the DfE with the insight and tools to create a stronger strategic framework for managing and prioritising their initiatives across the short, medium and long term. This will enable them to pursue a more sustainable, future approach to teacher training recruitment.

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