Thames Water - new governance structure and programme controls

Establishing and embedding a new governance structure and programme controls to help Thames Water’s largest partnership achieve it’s operational delivery targets

What was the challenge?

The Thames Water Infrastructure Alliance (IA) is a partnership initiative with responsibility for delivering water networks and developer services. 
They were moving the joint venture to a portfolio and programme management (PPM) formalised structure, with a central project management office (PMO). The scope encompassed 14 programmes and over 30 projects for the PMO office to support and track over the 3 years left in the current asset management period (AMP) cycle.  
The IA was in the process of mobilising an in-house PMO, and lacked capacity to initiate all the programmes. They had an ambition to develop this internal capability, and asked Moorhouse to help.   

How did we help?

We used our best practice experience to support the mobilisation of the central PMO. Moorhouse worked alongside the IA team to create a bespoke initial reporting structure. We also developed the overall governance, structured plans and formulated templates. 
This helped shape the PMO and gave the IA team tools and structure to develop their capability. Our support extended to training, guidance, and workshops - making sure that the internal team were well-equipped to eventually manage and run the PMO without our support.  
Within the context of the multi-stakeholder environment, we were able to help the client with stakeholder management, communications and ways of working that were conducive to forging mixed, collaborative teams.  

What was the impact?

Moorhouse positioned the IA PMO for ongoing success. We mobilised the central reporting and Governance events, helped to upskill new joiners and shared content, while ensuring assets were intuitive and reusable. These critical artefacts have enabled programme benefits management and reporting for the programme’s lifetime.

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