Transformation Strategy - Drax Power

What was the challenge?

Our client, Drax Power Ltd (Drax), is operating in an evolving energy market. They own one of the largest power stations in the UK and over the next 10 years will embark on a number major infrastructure developments, as well as changes to their core business. 
Drax wanted to transition away from coal-based electricity generation and move to a focus on renewable power, in advance of UK legislative changes. Before beginning a widespread transformation, the management team needed to ensure strategic alignment and understand the organisation’s current change initiatives.  
They engaged us to articulate their strategy, prioritise the current portfolio of change initiatives, and establish a plan to deliver large scale change. 

How did we help?

As part of an intensive analysis phase, we interviewed the management team; reviewed business plans and examined any existing initiative data. After consolidating this data set, we facilitated a series of workshops with the management team, we ensured that we had a holistic view of their business change portfolio. 
We facilitated a number of focus sessions to ensure the board had a cohesive view of the company’s strategy. The portfolio of activities that linked to the consolidated strategy were prioritised. Based on these sessions, we produced a strategic ‘plan on a page’ detailing their strategy, the projects needed to deliver the strategy, and the KPIs to measure it.

What was the impact?

The engagement established a clear and simple strategy for the next 10 years. This ensured that all activity was aligned to delivering this strategy. We helped establish a transformation with 10 workstreams that comprised a combination of revenue growth and cost saving initiatives. This engagement set up the principles for establishing a portfolio office that would provide support to all 10 programmes. Management were also provided with a clear view of the performance of the change portfolio throughout the transformation programme.

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