Vodafone – Centre of Excellence review

What was the challenge?

Vodafone Business Platforms and Solutions (VBPS) are transforming their Operating Model, in order to become more agile and create new opportunities, by moving from traditional ‘Telco’ ways of working, towards a ‘Techno’ organisation.

In order to underpin their strategy, VBPS are establishing eight new Centres of Excellence, one of which focuses on Quality Assurance.

Vodafone needed to assess current performance of the Quality Assurance Centre of Excellence (QA CoE) in order to understand what was working well, as well as identifying areas for improvement.

How did we help? 

Moorhouse provided an independent assessment of the QA CoE, including:

  • Review of the vision and roadmap
  • Measurement of the QA CoE against our Quality Competency Centre (QCC) Model
  • Comparison of the QA CoE against our industry survey
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • High Level implementation plan and associated change management initiaitives

The assessment was derived from a review of existing assets and documentation, along with 35+ stakeholder interviews.  The findings report provided Vodafone with a dashboard maturity assessment across: Governance, Objectives, Processes, Quality and Testing Service Portfolio, Supplier Management, KPIs, Tools, Environments, Resource and Stakeholder Engagement. 

What was the impact?

The review concluded that the QA CoE was well positioned to support Vodafone’s agile transformation strategy, however, further improvements could be made in the adoption of agile way of working, testing automation, supplier management, data management, comms and engagement.

The report has provided Vodafone with a baseline assessment of current performance and has helped to focus attention on the priority areas for improvement. The findings will be used as a benchmark and the basis for regular reviews going forwards, in order to track and measure the effectiveness of improvement initiatives.

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