Workforce Review: Demand and Capacity Pilot Support - Healthcare Provider

What was the challenge?

A collaboration group, working across eight NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), had made progress in developing in-hours and extended access healthcare hubs. However, support was needed to help identify how extended access channels could be best optimised from a resource perspective to match demand and capacity across the area. 

How did we help?

The Moorhouse team carried out a Demand and Capacity Analysis and Modelling Pilot across one of the Network areas to support the CCGs need to optimise extended access delivery. We analysed the demand and resource across the existing 7-day distribution of services and in turn, advised the Network and CCGs on how it could profile patient demand to optimise the extended access specification.  
Alongside the final report, we also delivered a fully documented methodology to ensure the pilot was replicable and easy to implement across the other CCGs and beyond the timeframe of our engagement. 
In addition to the Demand and Capacity Pilot, Moorhouse led the Extended Access workstream ensuring governance structures were in place to effectively deliver the regional requirements, priorities and specifications, whilst focusing on tracking and reporting delivery. 

What was the impact?

Moorhouse provided the CCG collaboration group with recommended efficiency improvements based on robust data analysis in order to deliver optimised extended healthcare access. We also created a replicable approach that CCGs can use beyond the pilot phase. The report outputs are used during programme leadership meetings on a weekly basis. 
Crucially, the insight provided by the reporting is used to drive decision making, focus management on priority areas, and track the effectiveness of corrective action.

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