Parental leave - Jack Singleton returning to work

How aware were you of the Moorhouse parental leave policy?

I did quite a lot of research on the different options for me and my wife to take time off together. The Moorhouse shared parental leave (SPL) policy was easy to find and is aligned with national SPL guidance. Dads who are thinking of taking time off just need to consider whether they want to take unpaid leave or SPL.

In the end I used my two weeks of paid paternity leave when my son was born and then took six weeks unpaid parental leave when he was ten months old.

How did you approach the initial discussion?

I talked it through with my Talent lead when I was first considering the idea, and then let my engagement partner and engagement lead know about five months before I planned to be off.

What was the reaction?

I was slightly wary of letting them know but I needn’t have been – they were both incredibly supportive and helpful.

Jack took 6 weeks off work when his son was 10 months old.

Here he shares his experience of taking paternity leave and returning to work at Moorhouse.

What did you do with your time off?

My wife and I took the time off at the same time so it was a really special month and a half with our boy. We borrowed my Dad’s campervan and went to the Lake District (slightly challenging at times with a nine month old...!), went to a friend’s wedding in Austria and spent time with our families.

What was your biggest concern about returning to work after time off?

Six weeks isn’t a huge amount of time and it didn’t feel like a big deal going back into the office.

Since you returned to work, what has changed for you?

My time off confirmed in my mind how valuable it is to take parental leave. My paternity leave with our second child (due in July) is already booked in!

I’m also more ruthless with my time – it’s really important to me to be able to take my son to nursery in the morning and get home at least one or two nights a week before he goes to bed – and hopefully that’s made me more focused and disciplined during the day.

What advice would you give to others?

Do it!

Were your clients supportive?

My client was very supportive. I had a structured handover with the Moorhouse colleague who covered for me while I was away, and from a client point of view I think it all went pretty smoothly.