Barometer on Change 2018-19: Mergers and Acquisitions Roundtable Event

In October 2018 we launched the 2018/19 Barometer on Change. Over 150 senior business leaders attended the event. They shared their perspectives on the characteristics we identified for thriving in change:

On Thursday 28th February 2019, we will be hosting a focused breakfast seminar to explore how these themes play out for organisations engaged in transformation enabled by Mergers and Acquisitions. 

Courage – we will discuss how making the hard decisions early post acquisition and having clarity of purpose on the strategy for integration will help drive a more successful outcome.

Talent – the importance of retaining key talent during the inevitable uncertainty that occurs post acquisition. We will discuss how organisations need to develop a structured approach to generating buy-in from employees.

Insights from this event will be published in March 2019.

We look forward to continuing the discussion and sharing our insights over the next few months.

You will be joined by...

Mike Creasey

Client Director - M&A

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Katariina Kronholm


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Richard Goold


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Barometer on Change 2018-19

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