Barometer on Change 2018-19: Mergers and Acquisitions Roundtable Event

In October 2018 we launched the 2018/19 Barometer on Change. Over 150 senior business leaders attended the event. They shared their perspectives on the characteristics we identified for thriving in change:

On Thursday 28th February 2019, we held a focused breakfast seminar to explore how these themes play out for organisations engaged in transformation enabled by Mergers and Acquisitions. 

Courage – we discussed how making the hard decisions early post acquisition and having clarity of purpose on the strategy for integration will help drive a more successful outcome.

Talent – the importance of retaining key talent during the inevitable uncertainty that occurs post acquisition. We discussed how organisations need to develop a structured approach to generating buy-in from employees.

Thank you to our Moorhouse colleagues who hosted this event

Barometer 2018/19 - Mergers and Acquisitions Roundtable Event

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