Barometer on Change 2017

The Challenge

"80% of companies believe they deliever good customer service, but only 8% of customers feel they recieve one"

 - Harvard Business Review: Understanding Customer Experience

Innovate, Collaborate, Engage

Since 2012, Moorhouse has conducted an annual survey of senior leaders on the challenges they face in implementing change. Our findings draw on the views of over 200 board members and the senior leaders that work most closely with them, from organisations across private and public sectors.

Challenging Customers?

The Barometer on Change 2017 event was a hugely successful evening, held at Landing 42, with interesting discussions around the three themes from our Barometer on Change 2017 Report.

We focussed on how the pressure for organisations to meet customer demands is at a five year high. Technology and innovation are enabling better products and services than ever before and customers are becoming exponentially more demanding – what was once exciting is now expected. 


So, whether your customers are organisations, domestic consumers, or patients, our report highlights the role innovation, agile collaboration, and workforce engagement play in keeping ahead of their needs.



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