Barometer on Change 2018

Thriving in uncertainty requires courageous leadership, agility and a renewed focus on talent.

Since 2012, Moorhouse has conducted an annual survey of senior leaders on the challenges they face while implementing change, drawing on the views of over 200 board members and other senior executives from across the private and public sectors.  ​
In last year’s Barometer on Change we focused on the challenge of meeting ever-changing customer needs. This year, we’re focusing on how organisations proactively address this challenge, as well as the further uncertainty posed by geopolitical risk and rapid technological advances. 
Thriving in this uncertainty requires courageous leadership, agility and a renewed focus on talent. Our 2018 Barometer focuses on these three characteristics, exploring what each means for organisations in the current climate.
We will present the findings of our Barometer on Change report and discuss them at the launch event on 4th October 2018. Following the launch, we’ll also hold a number of focused events where we can discuss how these themes play out at an industry level.  

The Event

This year’s Barometer on Change will launch on 4th October 2018 at OXO2, a fantastic venue on the South Bank with panoramic views of the Thames and across the city. ​ ​

Join us for our launch event which includes a series of short presentations on Courage, Agility and Talent, followed by a drinks reception, offering you the opportunity to network with others facing similar challenges. ​ ​

The Barometer Launch event will start at 5pm. Please use the form below to register your interest in attending. Please note we have limited places so we may not be able to host everyone who expresses an interest. 


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