Apprenticeship at Moorhouse

I initially joined Moorhouse on a temporary contract within the business support team. I left college not really having a clear vision of what I wanted my future career to look like, but I had ruled out university quite early on as not being the right option for me.

The flat structure at Moorhouse enabled me to quickly gain an understanding of not only the business but also management consulting. I felt really supported from day one and was quickly able to get involved in a variety of interesting projects. I soon realised that the creative, interactive and relationship building aspects of these projects played to my strengths.   

When the opportunity arose to join the Marketing team at Moorhouse my enthusiasm and hard work was quickly recognised, and I was fortunate enough to be given the chance. I was thrown in to the deep end but felt comforted knowing that people were willing to invest the time in supporting me to be successful. As part of a structured learning approach to my development, I worked with my HR lead to consider all the options available to develop my existing skills and qualifications. I started the Marketing Apprenticeship scheme at the beginning of this year and already I am developing a critical and strategic understanding of all marketing activities - communications, consumer behaviour, digital communication and branding, all of which I am involved with at Moorhouse.

My apprenticeship offers me the flexibility to personally craft my own curriculum as I am able to select subjects to suit my passions, interests and career goals. I am really looking forward to the journey ahead!

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