Breaking the Bias at Moorhouse

Ahead of this year’s upcoming International Women’s Day, we spoke to women from our Digital and Technology team to hear how they #BreakTheBias in their roles. Velina Veleva and Kim Jhuti share their personal reflections on their experience of bias in their careers and their journey of overcoming this.


The Industry Trends - Velina Veleva

If a company is to best serve its customers, shouldn’t those driving the product and strategic direction be as representative of the market as possible?

Every year technology companies spend millions on diversity and inclusion campaigns.  Despite these efforts, women remain disproportionately underrepresented. What is causing this? It could be down to a combination of factors, from  freedom of choice and biological personality traits to socio-cultural stereotypes. To help to overcome these factors, I believe that companies’ should be investing in making a real difference to socio-cultural stereotypes. By proactively and structurally creating cultures that are welcoming and inviting for women within tech companies, they can become mandatory requisites for success. 

Why is my experience so different?

Inspired by the advancement in tech, I embarked on my journey as a tech consultant straight out of university. Contrary to the market trends, breaking into the tech industry has never been something I have struggled with. I am fortunate that throughout my career I have always felt the support and encouragement from my employers, but most importantly I have found a home in multiple ‘Women In Tech’ networks where I could learn from role models, influence company policy and improve recruitment processes and the way we recognise talent.

“My sense of belonging is not only attributed to my female co-workers. Even when I’ve been the only woman in the room, I’ve always been made to feel like I belong there just as much as my male peers.”

This goes to show that every small step within our workplace contributes towards our success and Moorhouse is no different. It is for this reason that I draw such enthusiasm for encouraging everyone in Moorhouse to continue our campaign on Breaking the Bias in the workplace. I want to return the support that I have been given so that we can all continue to bring our ideas, determination, and passion to the table, regardless of our gender. Have you thought about what you can do to help?


Overcoming the unconscious bias to land my dream job - Kim Jhuti

Choosing a career path was not as straightforward as I had imagined. When I started my career, I found it hard to navigate between what was expected and acceptable of me with what truly excites me because of how I thought I was perceived by others.

Growing up I would spend hours on end watching make-up tutorials on YouTube and obsessively read beauty blogs, which would often result in me pestering my mum to buy me a new lip-gloss that  I saw influencers raving about. You would think that all my dreams had come true when I bagged my first job working at L’Oréal, right? I mean what typical ‘girly girl’ wouldn’t want to work for a global beauty company, attend breakfast mornings with a room full of influencers and try the latest skincare and cosmetic products before they hit the shelves? Turns out, I soon realised that this was very far from what I wanted from a career. 

Upon reflection, I realised that I chose this career path because it was perhaps what was expected of me instead of what truly excited me.

“I had never considered a career in technology when I was younger because I had always thought it was a male dominated sector, but it had a strong pull factor.”

In all honesty, it really fascinates me. I love how technology is constantly evolving and disrupting the world we live in, having limitless applications and possibilities. 

I was scared to battle the gender bias and leave a female dominated sector for one where I have found I’m  often the only woman in a room, but I can hand on heart say that it is the best decision I have made to date. Whilst women are simply not represented in the tech teams in the same numbers, I feel valued and a real sense of satisfaction by the difference I am able to make. If other women share a similar fear of the potential gender bias that they feel exists – don’t let it stop you. Being part of a company like Moorhouse has have made this transition easier as they have supported me in what I enjoy and have helped me you grow in my career, regardless of my gender or background.

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