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What does corporate social responsibility (CSR) mean to you? To me, CSR is everything an organisation does to ensure it is operating in an ethical and sustainable way.

That covers a whole host of things, from maintaining ethical working practices and a healthy and safe workplace to giving back to your local community and supporting charitable causes. I am proud of the contribution that we make at Moorhouse to our community, not in small part due to the support that we are providing to Children with Cancer UK, our current charity partner. 

Children with Cancer UK is the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

Sadly 500 children in the UK lose their battle against cancer every year; children who should have grown up to see the world, dream big and fall in love.  No child should die from cancer and it’s our job to address this injustice. 

Since we started supporting Children with Cancer UK in August 2017, we have held two fundraisers raising £9,500. Inspired by the Great British Bake Off, we held our very own Great Moorhouse Bake Off cake auction. Our Moorhousers slaved away in the kitchen to produce some delicious treats that we auctioned off to the highest bidder raising over £5,000…maybe we should open a Moorhouse bakery, what do you reckon? Our second fundraiser was our annual Christmas raffle and thanks to some very generous donations we managed to raise over £4,000 and gave away over 20 fantastic prizes. The money that we’re raising will help Children with Cancer UK to invest in cutting-edge research to improve our understanding of childhood cancer and to find safer and more effective treatments, and to fund welfare projects for the children and their families.

I feel passionately that Moorhouse has more to give to charity than money. We have provided pro bono consulting support to charities such as Centrepoint and Help for Heroes in the past. We are now working with Children with Cancer UK to identify opportunities where we could offer our skills and experience to support them to achieve their strategic and operational objectives. 

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