Emotional Intelligence at Moorhouse

How can you be more confident? Or resilient? Do you want to be a powerful communicator?

What these traits have in common is that they relate to Emotional Intelligence - something that most companies neglect in their corporate training programmes. Yet, Emotional Intelligence can be the differentiator in business. 

Emotionally intelligent people are generally better at handling pressure, they collaborate more, they listen well, and they make better decisions. And according the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report1, emotional intelligence is set to be one of the top skills in 2020.

At Moorhouse, we intrinsically know this is true.

Which is why Emotional Intelligence is part of the firm’s L&D offering. Facilitated by The School of Life, the sessions cover topics such as Communication, Resilience, Playfulness, Confidence and Effectiveness. The faculty members come from a range of disciplinary backgrounds, ranging from philosophy and psychology, to drama and business. The sessions are intelligent, interactive and insightful.

After each session, I come away feeling privileged to have had the opportunity to learn something about myself and how I relate to the world around me. Ostensibly unrelated to my work, the learning enriches my daily working life in innumerable ways.

It is unusual for any employer to offer such a progressive Learning and Development programme. Moorhouse is ahead of the curve when it comes to L&D: it was one of the main reasons I decided to join, and have not been disappointed.

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