Establishment of ‘Delivery Excellence’

Over the last few years, and particularly since the start of the pandemic, it’s been commonplace to says things like change is constant or constant change is the new normal.

It might sound like a cliché – probably because it is – but at Moorhouse this really is the case. During my five years at the firm we have continually evolved and adapted our service line propositions, ensuring we’re always on the front foot, listening to our clients’ needs and challenges, and offering them the best service we can.

Is this rate of constant evolution sustainable, you might ask? Well, yes, because at every stage the whole firm is engaged, allowing everyone to have their say and provide input, from Partner to Junior Consultant, ensuring we have a diverse set of voices shaping the future of our firm. Moreover, we are careful to view this change as additive, or building on the work we’ve done previously, thereby ensuring nothing goes to waste but using our earlier thinking to sharpen our services and offer greater value.

When I joined Moorhouse ‘Project and Programme Management (PPM)’ was a distinct proposition, helping our clients to deliver their most ambitious transformation programmes. Over time, we recognised that programme management didn’t exist in a silo, but was part of our clients’ broader change agenda, which often included performance improvement and operational excellence. As such, PPM evolved into the ‘Delivery & Performance’ service line, reflecting our enhanced capability and more integrated offering.

Now we find ourselves evolving once more, through the establishment of ‘Delivery Excellence’ – which brings together our ever-expanding delivery capability, encapsulating portfolio optimisation, assurance, delivery leadership and delivery/ agile capability and maturity. All of which is underpinned by our increasing range of digital PMO tools.

Furthermore, as Moorhouse continues to grow, our ability to provide an end-to-end transformation service to clients has grown too. Within ‘Delivery Excellence’, it has been great to see how the work we do knits together with our colleagues in other service lines, to support transformation from beginning to end.

My time at Moorhouse to date has seen us go on quite a journey, and I know it’s not finished yet. We are an ambitious and growing firm, and strive to do the best work we can. I am excited to see where we go from here. The phrase constant change might be a cliché, but at Moorhouse it’s very much a fact of life.

Moorhouse are recruiting across a number of exciting roles as part of the Delivery Excellence service line - please reach out to Irene Oldham to find out more, or simply view our current DX vacancies below:

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Principal - Delivery Excellence (Government Sector focus)
Principal - Delivery Excellence (Health Sector focus)

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