As the world resumes, not everyone is ready to forget virtual working

After a long 20 months at home, office-based working was no longer my reality. As people eagerly jumped at the chance to get back to the office, I found myself clutching to my remote working life. 

Joining a new firm virtually felt like a great opportunity for me to network with my new colleagues without them having to disappear to a client’s office for months on end. It wasn’t until I had my first office day scheduled though that I realised after so long at home, the prospect of being in an office environment filled me with anxiety. After a restless night’s sleep with a racing heart and mind, I was anything but eager to go in. 

The first day was a sensory overload – the lift chiming, the kettle hissing, the sound of people typing and even the range of perfumes and aftershave smells – it felt like a lot was going on! That along with the energy consuming commute that we were all once accustomed to left me exhausted.

With three office days under my belt, my next hurdle was a company away day. The Moorhouse culture truly stood out during the interview process for me, so I was really excited to be a part of the day. Although I couldn’t help but feel anxious about being with so many people, and once again, a sleepless night was in store, but as I arrived at RADA I felt instantly eased. The company all wore masks and wrist bands to signify the amount of contact you were comfortable with, and as the day went on, I felt more and more comfortable amongst my colleagues, and I was able to enjoy the day of festivities. 

I joined the firm with high expectations, and I am pleased to say that it superseded them all at the away day. The day was meticulously planned and perfectly balanced the need for corporate updates and the desire for team building activities. We celebrated individuals, teams and even muppets within the company. 

The day ended with the whole company taking a lovely 15-minute stroll to the local Swingers Mini Golf venue for even more socialising. At the end of the evening, I was so glad that I attended and that I had joined a firm filled with so much energy. 

I am even more proud to be part of a company in which hybrid working is defined by the individual rather than corporately, and I have been able to work from home since the Escape without feeling any pressure to return to the office until I feel more comfortable. This is a prime example of the way in which Moorhouse cares about its employees and their wellbeing. As the world resumes, it is so important to remember that everyone’s normality may have changed and that there is space for flexibility for us all if you work in a supportive environment.

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