SQS agrees acquisition of Moorhouse


Moorhouse and SQS will combine with a third entity, Assystem Technologies, to form a new group which will become a transformation leader that converges the digital and physical worlds, led through an expanding consulting division. The intention is to create a truly global business delivering a ‘best in class’ offering to clients based on a shared culture of technical excellence, continued innovation and providing the highest standards of service. Moorhouse will continue to operate as a separate business.

The Partner team is excited about the opportunities this new entity will provide, building on the successful growth Moorhouse has so far achieved.

This year we have not only increased our number of clients, but also significantly broadened the range of services we offer. We know that our clients continue to be delighted with the quality of our work and many want to explore how we can provide additional services. As part of a new entity, we are excited about what this means for the services we will be able to offer to our clients. This next phase of the Moorhouse journey will provide opportunities for all of us to not only develop our business, but also to continue to develop as individuals and as extraordinary leaders

Stephen Vinall, Richard Goold, Richard Jones, Jon Russell, John Lunn