Tim Moncrieff delivered a talk on Blockchain in Regulated Financial Markets


Tim, a former Moorhouse consultant, now works at SETL, a London-based provider of blockchain-focused payment and settlement infrastructure.

During his talk, Tim explained how blockchain technology could lead to improvements in the speed and security of post-trade processes, which are currently characterised by a myriad of different systems and a significant lag between trade execution and settlement. The potential for blockchain in this area lies in its ability to act as a proof of transaction, which can be used to verify ownership of financial securities at a specific point in time. This is advantageous when compared to the current system, because the blockchain provides a single point to reference back to, instead of the multiple systems currently in use, and can ensure greater data resilience, security and integrity.

Tim also talked about some of the wider changes afoot in the financial services industry, citing blockchain, cloud and mobile authentication as the three technologies which are likely to lead to the greatest advancements and changes over the next few years. 

John Lunn, Partner at Moorhouse, said: “it was fantastic to welcome Tim back into Moorhouse to tell us how SETL is developing its Blockchain products and how this technology is now starting to become established – both as a like for like replacement for legacy IT and as a disintermediation within the Payments industry.