We launched the Barometer on Change 2015/16 this week and 'DELIVER' provides a really helpful mnemonic that captures a number of the key messages:

D - Deep domain knowledge and discipline are key attributes for organisations that are able to embrace and respond to disruption.

E - Enthusiasm and engagement provides the oxygen in an organisation when keeping staff motivated and focused.

L - Listening and being able to tune and retune your ability to listen in real-time is a key skill whether this is with internal stakeholders or customers. Developing organisational capability through a commitment to life-long learning can also be a key differentiator.

I - Organisations need to seek out innovative opportunities for growth and underpin these through an internal transformation.

V - Values and vision cannot be decoupled.  Being clear on the values of an organisation and ensuring that these act as one of the guiding principles for the vision is absolutely critical.

E - Emotional intelligence and having the soft skills when managing change should not be taken for granted - "IQ gets you there and EQ keeps you there".

R - Risk taking and responsiveness - frontier firms are risk takers and more open to really committing to change.  As a result they tend to be more productive.

To find out more, download the Barometer on Change 2015/16.

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