Extraordinary Leaders at Moorhouse

Our quarterly escape. 120 Moorhouse consultants at RADA studios. Cue a day of Jazz hands. Well if you want. If that’s your style, or sometimes your style, be it ironically or sincerely, or equally just something you would never do if you were paid to. That is the first beauty of leadership – we all have our own styles, but secondly and, more importantly we all have the potential to be extraordinary leaders. Regardless of age, experience or role in the company.


These different leaderships styles are positive, as this means leaders with diversity of thought. Diversity of thought is so important to creatively solving problems, a key challenge which many of our clients face. Our clients also all have diverse leadership styles and we need to be able to match those, by flexing to different personalities and leaders. We can all be extraordinarily expressive, compassionate, driving and analytical leaders. Maybe not all at once.

These thoughts all emerged from a fantastically organised day by RADA in Business facilitators. The day left me empowered to recognise my potential to be an extraordinary leader. From practising pressurised decision making in a high pace film industry scenario, to reflecting on and improving a common client issue in a scene using forum theatre. This is when a scene is acted out, paused and then acted out again based on our suggested changes to make the situation and outcome better. Working with different people across the firm allowed us to observe different leadership styles and practice our own, either subconsciously, or consciously when presenting back to the other groups.

And this point about practice is crucial: the way you come across is the first thing someone notices and we often forget this. It’s important to take the time to rehearse, or at the very least consider, the reason we are creating a powerpoint presentation, sending an email or making a challenge in a meeting. Are we persuading? Informing? Challenging? Aligning? Supporting? The options could go on. Any associated non-verbal actions to support your purpose can add more value and it is worth considering this in preparation.

Despite now being the proud owner of a RADA tote bag, I can’t truthfully claim to be a RADA student (alas) or always carry it with me, yet I can always carry the knowledge that we can be extraordinary leaders, and so should you. Cue jazz hands.

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Lauren Grant Manager