Flexible workforce made permanent

2021 was a year of frantic transformation, particularly in Financial Services. 2022 is the year to embed and capitalise on these changes as new working practices and processes introduced due to COVID-19 are here to stay.

Over the next two weeks we will explore the four key themes emerging in our work with our financial services clients: 

  1. Flexible workforce made permanent,  
  2. The resurgence of Omnichannel, 
  3. Environmental Social Governance (ESG) maintaining prominence and, 
  4. Maximising value from transformation.  

The last 18 months has seen rapidly accelerated digitalisation, reconfiguring of office spaces, and a transformed daily working experience for organisations and their employees. Our clients were swift to act with the changes to remote working and flexible working at the outset of the pandemic, and have invested heavily in enhancing their digital offering to support this. However, many of the interventions made last year are now becoming more permanent than previously anticipated. 

Digital investment enhancements continue to be a focus as we start the new year, but with the continued high levels of staff turnover, greater investment is needed to ensure that organisational processes are clear, and effective training needs to be established to make the most of these enhancements. 

As employees have begun to adopt (and enjoy) this new flexibility, we are now seeing an increased focus towards enhancing employee value propositions (EVP) and adapting structures and processes to support this. We are now working closely with our clients to try and understand ‘what hybrid means for them’ and are helping them to understand the long-term impact of this on their corporate culture and structures.  

Key considerations

·   Does your current EVP support the post-covid workforce needs?  
·   Are your teams able to make the most of the digital investment you have made?  
·   Do your office and digital collaboration spaces reflect these new changes? 
·   Do you have robust change management process to embed sustainable change? 

Look out for Part Two later this week, where we will analyse how ESG has maintained its prominence post COP26. 

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