Four things to do after GDPR deadline day

GDPR is here. The day we’ve all been working toward (or not) for the last two years. But as we all know, there’s more work to do. Based on our experience of supporting clients with GDPR implementation across sectors, we’ve picked four high priorities for action after May 25th.

A deluge of impersonal ‘opt-in’ emails and texts has hit inboxes across Europe. For those customers that have chosen to stay (an average of 10% according to some sources) there is a real opportunity to build a more powerful and meaningful relationship. Treating the customers who share their valuable data with you as partners and exploring how that can drive mutual advantage will be key. 

A project to drive compliance for a deadline now needs to become business as usual. Designing and implementing an operating model that allows you to meet on-going requirements and expectations in a sustainable way is critical. A hub and spoke model with data and compliance expertise at the centre and dedicated representatives within individual business units is a good starting point.

There’s an opportunity to use the wealth of data breach incidents that are in the news and on the ICO website to reassess your internal procedures and make sure you’re as prepared as you can be. Stress testing data subject requests in particular will help to refine your policies and procedures and will give you a great insight into how your teams respond under pressure.

GDPR compliance requires a detailed understanding of internal processes. As you’ll have spent the time and effort to get that understanding, use this as an opportunity to explore the potential for automation and robotics. In our experience, GDPR throws up significant opportunities to use existing cloud-based platforms and innovative technologies for online consent management, privacy notices and wider customer journey improvements. 

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