Hiring for good - addressing public sector recruitment challenges

Say what you want about Brexit, but over the last couple of years our economy has been recovering and we’ve seen a relatively buoyant UK jobs market, with unemployment levels at a record low. Today’s candidates have a wealth of options to choose from, with employers having to work harder and be more innovative in how they attract and retain high-calibre talent.

Wind back a few years to the last recession, where jobs were scarce, and UK employers could have their pick of high performing candidates so it’s not surprising that some employers are struggling to adapt to this more competitive environment. The public sector is particularly exposed to these challenges. Notoriously slow moving, both internal and external pressures are making it increasingly difficult for the Government to maintain an appropriate supply of workers such as teachers, nurses, doctors and prison officers. Added to this, internal challenges, such as ministerial changes and policy decisions are creating complex work environments that make it difficult for Departments to meet the needs of modern candidates.

To get ahead of the game and address some of these challenges, public sector recruiters need to rethink their approach and must start treating their potential candidates as customers. That means acting in a more customer-centric way across the recruitment and retention journey. We have set out our strategic top tips below.

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