Maximising value from transformation

Welcome to our series exploring the four key themes emerging in our work with our financial services clients.

In Part Three, we discussed why the Financial Services sector is going to be key to delivering COP26 targets. In this article, we’ll investigate how clients can maximise value from transformation. 

2021 saw transformation spend skyrocket across all financial services firms in order to embrace the changes and maintain competitive advantages driven by the pandemic. Unfortunately, not all transformation ends up delivering the expected benefits, especially as programmes become more complex. We see more organisations taking the time to scrutinise all aspects of their approach and spend to ensure that programmes are delivering efficiently and effectively. Many are also turning to independent assurance to give a truly objective view of the programme which can be communicated to the Board and regulators. 

Furthermore, we believe 2022 will be a year of considered operational improvement and cost reduction. As interest rates rise to control inflation, and operating costs Financial Services firms will need further support to the return on their investment. We regularly support our clients in developing and assuring key transformation programmes to help them realise the true value of their investments. 

Key considerations:  

·   Are your programmes set up to succeed?
·   Do you regularly have impartial review and challenge of the approach? 
·   Do you have an operational improvement framework in place?

We hope you enjoyed this series, make sure to watch out for future perspectives. In the meantime, if you would like to hear more, please contact our Financial Services Client Director Rachel Saunders.

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