Moorhouse Annual Escape 2018

Well they say timing is everything! I can’t think of a better way to integrate into a new firm than the Moorhouse Annual Escape.

Myself and two fellow Moorhousers joined on the Monday and by the Thursday we were flying out to the beautiful village of Sesimbra in Portugal with the rest of the firm. I was informed that escapes at Moorhouse are designed to share knowledge, celebrate successes, have fun and connect with new colleagues. In the few days leading up the escape there was abundance of excitement building in the office, and I for one found it infectious to say the least. Especially with all the anecdotes being shared of prior Annual Escapes. It was clear that the RADA storytelling courses were paying off and it just reaffirmed to me that sense of humour is really valued at Moorhouse.

When we landed in the fishing village of Sesimbra everyone was buoyant even when greeted with a downpour! After checking into our rooms with exquisite views over the beach we dived straight into the first session on business performance. Historically my experience of these kind of updates can be dry. Not at Moorhouse. The deafening noise of clapping when the speakers stood up to present was very reminiscent of Apple’s key launching annual event in September with the high levels of enthusiasm on show.

When it was my turn to stand up for the new joiners’ introduction, most would see it as a daunting task, but the overwhelming welcome received alleviated any nerves.

On the Friday morning the weather was glorious and once all sector updates had been given, it was time for some outdoor team activites. With over eight activities, such as cycling down the old cobbled roads in Sesimbra with the locals’ vocal support; kayaking for clues while some capsized; diving headfirst into caves and attempting to be robin hood at archery to name a few, the competitive streak was on show to be crowned the winning team.

The penultimate day was followed by more briefings on current industry trends and a variety of sector specific breakout sessions. All leading to the final close of a gala dinner. Not your normal black-tie event but a circus themed event in celebration of 100 years of the circus. With the artefacts of a popcorn stand, juggling balls to hit coconuts and everyone dressing up in a circus theme outfit, it was utterly unforgettable.  

The whole experience cultivated in me meeting the majority of my fellow Moorhouse colleagues; providing an insight not only into what Moorhouse do as a firm but confirming to me everyone lives and breathes the values and culture with a sense of belonging.

If you are thinking about a career transition or would like to have an informal chat with a member of the team, please do reach out.

Please also don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you want to find out more about my new joiner experience at Moorhouse.  

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