Omni-Channel 2.0

Welcome to our series exploring the four key themes emerging in our work with our financial services clients.

In Part One, we discussed flexible workforce made permanent. In this article, we’ll discuss omni-channel 2.0.

The move to offer an omni-channel customer experience has been the desire of firms for several years, but both the demand and necessity of this transformation has greatly accelerated, particularly in the customer contact centre space. 

In order to effectively deliver omni-channel engagement, key investment is now focused on understanding customer needs across the journey, developing engagement strategies to meet these needs. Furthermore, the investment in Artificial Intelligence is moving away from proof-of-concept trials, to being integral to customer engagement and analytics. Our digital and strategy teams are currently supporting clients balance the complexity of back-end integrations with delivering true omni-channel offers.  

Key considerations:  

·   Do you have an up-to-date technology strategy to deliver a great customer experience? 
·   Are you offering customers a multi-channel experience or an omni-channel experience? 
·   Is your investment in automation and Artificial Intelligence meeting our customer engagement and operational efficiency goals? 

Look out for Part Three next week where we will analyse how the Financial Services sector is going to be key to delivering COP26 targets. 

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