Engaging with Healthcare Professionals - how Pharma companies can connect digitally

The need to digitise: As Healthcare professionals (HCPs) embrace digital, helping them to receive medical information through online platforms and assisting them in their day to day roles, Pharma companies must engage with the medical community digitally to stay relevant. Online platforms are widely used and offer a direct avenue for Pharma companies to best interact with HCPs.

By Shahir Khanna and James Thornton

Like most online customers, it is hard to capture the attention of the medical community. To achieve this, Pharma companies must build relationships with HCPs through their digital content utilising varied channels that deliver a personalised experience to each HCP. Moving away from the traditional visits and call process to digital interaction allows medical professionals the opportunity to choose how and when they want to interact, building company trust.

Switching to digital engagement opens up various opportunities for Pharma businesses to take advantage of. Promotional costs for new drugs and treatments can be significantly reduced and data analysis can enable Pharma companies to better segment their target markets, increasing their sales prospects. Digital has the potential to impact across Pharma business models and companies must embrace a digital approach to capture value from this fast-evolving business environment.

Digital trends in HCP engagement:

Key Considerations:

To succeed in today’s markets, Pharma companies’ external engagement strategy must be led by digital interactions. Here are a few digital engagement principles to consider:

  1. Digital content in Pharma should remain scientific based, focusing on the benefits of treatments. Make sure your content is considered credible by the healthcare community. 
  2. Digital engagement must be focused. When, where and what are critical. HCPs have little time to review new treatments, making the timing of engagement, the use of platform and which content to use in different scenarios critical.
  3. Targeted, repeated engagement can establish trust and ongoing dialog. Companies should look to use multi-media channels reposting content to increase HCP interaction and provide information on the channels they want to use. 

By following the principles above Pharma companies can build stronger relationships with external stakeholders

See our Case Study for an example of the work we've done this year.

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