Barometer 2018/19 - Digital and Technology

Acting with Courage and Agility in the Digital Age

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Organisations need to act with Courage and Agility, using technology to enable change, embracing innovation through Agile delivery and leveraging data in decision making.

In October 2018 we launched the 2018/19 Barometer on Change. Over 150 senior business leaders attended the event. They shared their perspectives on the characteristics we identified for thriving in change:

With this in mind, in early 2019, we held a seminar to bring together senior Digital and Technology Leaders, to continue the conversation we began in October and to explore how these themes play out for organisations operating in the Digital Age.

Leaders from a range of sectors, including banking, energy, health, transport and retail amongst others, shared their insights on the importance of courage and agility for digital and technology, considering:

•  How organisations and their leaders can act with courage to invest in their existing and emerging technology, with a clear purpose in mind
•  How the technology function can enable and respond to the needs of an agile business

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