Barometer on Change 2018-19

Barometer on Change 2018-19

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We have been running our Barometer on Change campaign annually since 2012 to explore the challenges organisations face while implementing change.

The 2018-19 campaign focussed on how organisations can thrive in the uncertainty caused by ever-increasing customer expectations, geopolitical instability and rapid technological advances. 

We identified three themes organisations should focus on to be successful and presented our findings in our Barometer on Change 2018-19 report. These three themes are: 

Since then, we have held nine round-table discussions with clients, deep-diving into specific industry challenges related to the three themes. This has allowed us to share cross-industry insights, develop solutions and suggest steps that organisations can take to ensure they thrive in change.

You can view these by clicking on any of the links below.

Barometer on Change 2018-19 Roundtable Discussion Publications

Wrap up

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