Barometer 2018/19 - Telecoms, Media and Technology

Barometer 2018/19 - Telecoms, Media and Technology: Embracing Disruption

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In October 2018 we launched the 2018/19 Barometer on Change. Over 150 senior business leaders attended the event. They shared their perspectives on the characteristics we identified for thriving in change:

The TMT sector is running hot with a variety of clients investing in greater business agility, focussed on their customer experience, and building simplicity in to their organisations (structure, processes, platforms). The Quad play headlines of previous seem distant, although clearly bundled and joint offerings at the front face have caused complexity behind the scenes, creating space for new entrants and innovative technology. There is also greater collaboration, particularly in building the data highways and networks to drive and join our digital society and economy. In this landscape:

How can you transform your business to be truly innovative, get to the top of the value chain and be ready to embrace disruption? 

On Thursday 21st March 2019 we held a breakfast seminar to discuss successful approaches for identifying and embracing innovation, and delivering change quickly and efficiently.

In particular we explored:

•   Innovation through customer service and how this can be applied to your business.
•   Organisational agility and the importance of a talented workforce to enable your business to be truly innovative

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