Our focus in The Customer Team is helping clients to be more customer-centric. Our work spans everything from insight and strategy to customer engagement and operations. We work across sectors including FS, TMT, Pharma, Consumer Business, Public Sector and Health.

Over the last year we have delivered projects on brand strategy, digital transformation, customer experience mapping, marketing operating model, segmentation and retention. In my two years in the Customer team, I’ve led a project to develop a communications operating model for the Department for Education, helped translate customer segmentation into meaningful opportunities at Wolseley and helped to redesign the commercial operation of Moorfields Eye Hospital. I’ve also been leading the development of our proposition in this space as well as helping to build the capability of our team. 

Working in the Customer team is a healthy blend of empathy, insight and robust analysis with a spine of creativity in everything we do. Our projects are particularly exciting as we’re often supporting strategic challenges that go to the heart of why an organisation exists and how it provides value to its customers or users. It is truly fascinating and a great opportunity to work on projects that have a highly visible impact on us all.

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