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The Digital and Technology (D&T) team, is a fast-growing part of Moorhouse. It has been recognised as a service which will be pivotal to our clients today and in years to come. We work across all sectors from Aviation, Telecoms to the public sector.

In the last year since I joined Moorhouse, I have been helping an aviation business to build an innovation hub. This includes helping them to define their innovation strategy before implementing the operating model and processes to run successful trials. I have worked with a range of different stakeholders (including a humanoid robot!) and helped implement innovative solutions such as building an interactive way of presenting our findings. 

Moorhouse is different to the big consultancies. I spent 6 years in the ‘Big 4’ and whilst it provided me with a solid technical and consultative grounding, there was always several layers of bureaucracy. Moorhouse however encourage and value entrepreneurism and for each of us to be ourselves. This has led me to become the Digital Journey lead, meaning I am responsible for growing our digital and emerging technology strategy offering.

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