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What I love about working for the E&U sector at Moorhouse is the diversity across the work we are doing within the sector – which spans power generation, global oil companies, nuclear, water and energy retailers. The type of services we offer can also vary hugely from client to client, for me this has included designing and delivering operating models, planning a business carve-out, rolling out new Digital platforms, leading projects & teams and change management. At Moorhouse, we are given the space to shape and lead on parts of the company strategy, and have the opportunity to play key roles in the firm’s marketing, thought leadership and business development. When it comes to learning and development, we really practice what we preach, dedicating regular time to high quality development in sectors, services and in soft skills as individuals, in small groups and sometimes across the entire organisation.

Since joining Moorhouse, I have worked on some amazing and challenging projects, this has included working with an industry regulator, helping to support access to the market for disengaged energy customers; with a water company, setting up a portfolio office for a large infrastructure transformation; and with a power station on its journey to transition from coal to renewable power sources. I have also spent some time working in other sectors - including for the NHS, for a plumbing company, and a global pharmaceutical  - and have bought the learnings and experience back into our work in Energy.

Prior to joining Moorhouse I worked as part of a global technology consultancy, typically working for 6 months to several years on each project, in teams of 100+. In Moorhouse, I am trusted to lead whole accounts, and have worked on projects from between 3 weeks to 18 months and in teams of 1 to 5 people, often blended with the client team. Leading accounts often means you are often working with C-suite clients -  the CEOs of a coal plant, a paper mill and a sustainability association are now all part of my network!

Working in the Energy sector at Moorhouse means helping our clients solve some of their greatest challenges - whether its helping one of the big 6 energy suppliers become more innovative, helping an oil giant become more agile or revolutionizing business and customer smart metering – it’s always an adventure.

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