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One of the things I love about Moorhouse is that our work really adds value to our clients and their customers. Nowhere is this truer than in our public sector and health work, where the customer is a user of public services, such as a patient in urgent need or a witness, nervous about testifying in a criminal court.

I have been really fortunate in my last two roles to get to support exactly these customers. First in helping a hospital trust in special measures to develop its Trust-wide improvement plan, and second in helping to transform the service offered by Citizens Advice to witnesses giving evidence in court.

The former role was really exciting. Having been placed in special measures following inspections by the Care quality Commission (CQC), the Trust had just 28 days to develop a plan across over 40 departments and multiple hospital sites describing how it would turn around the quality of its care. I was part of a team of two working with the Executive team to shape the strategic approach to improvement, whilst simultaneously supporting all departments in developing their individual responses to the CQC findings. I really enjoyed the level of involvement with both senior decision-makers and clinicians and the focus that came from having such a clear target. Most importantly though it was great to be working on something that would help make a real difference to patients.

In a similar vein, my latest role at Citizens Advice supporting their witness transformation programme is something that will make a hugely positive difference to those in need – in this case witnesses in criminal cases, who are often facing an incredibly daunting experience. The new service will offer a modernised, technology-enabled service that gives more tailored support to witnesses through their journey. I am working at the heart of the programme coordinating the projects, plans and reporting and ensuring the right challenges get escalated and the right issues resolved. It is pretty fast paced and no two days are the same, but I am really enjoying getting to be a part of driving progress and seeing how the emerging service will make a real difference.

I’m really proud of the work we do, and I love the teams I work in. I also really value the degree of trust, responsibility and opportunity we are given.

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