Responsible Business

Developing PeoplePromoting EqualityProtecting our Planet

As a consultancy we are well placed to drive forward the sustainability and social value agenda.ʉ۬Whilst we can make strides to improve our own business we also work with a large number of organisations and at senior levels where we have influence and can support a similar path.

There are many definitions for sustainability and social value but what resonate most with us is around meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. This goes beyond the natural world, to ensure our communities and society as a whole are supported to flourish.

This topic is fundamental to us at Moorhouse. It is clear we have a severe impact on this planet and its communities, but that we can do more and collectively make a difference. 

We are on a journey where we will endeavour to put in place initiatives that make us a responsible business, metrics that help us measure our progress against our objectives, and communicate this back to you via our website. We look forward to keeping you updated.


As a business we are striving to make a difference in 3 specific areas:




We will create an environment which is fair, equal and inclusive for everyone.

We will continue to focus on increasing equality, diversity and inclusion, both internally and in our client engagement work.

We will continue to focus on improving the health and mental wellbeing of our people, clients and other stakeholders

Purpose, Vision & Values