Promoting Equality

Promising fairness, inclusivity and a culture where you can bring your wholeselves to work

We need to promote equality and support the most disadvantaged in our society.

How do we plan to do this? Scroll across to find out. 

Elevating our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Agenda

  • we are focused on female progression as one of our major priorities
  • our equality diversity and inclusion strategy is ensuring an organisation representative of society as a whole
  • our ‘competency framework’ has been refreshed to provide clear guidance around performance and progression expectations

Providing Employment & Training to Disadvantaged Groups

  • we offer free of charge access to our Moorhouse Academy for people identified by our clients from disadvantaged backgrounds 
  • we run paid internship for school and university leavers and apprenticeships to encourage people with non-traditional backgrounds into our workplace

Supporting VCSOs, SMEs and our Charity Partner

  • every two years we select and support a new charity partner, nominated by employees and voted on by everyone in the company. Our current partner is School of Hard Knocks

  • we support SME organisations and have a pool of 200 independent Associates that are all SMEs in their own right. We also frequently partner with small, independent organisations, when we require niche expertise that we don’t have 

We want to help level the playing field and make ‘work’ more inclusive. To do this we are looking to…

School of Hard Knocks

Set up a mentoring programme with charity partner School of Hard Knocks to support those facing barriers to employment with career advice, CV tips and interview tricks​.

Small Business Mentoring

Offer mentoring and advice to small businesses.

Digital Literacy

Teach digital literacy to disadvantaged groups.

ED&I Charters

Evaluate different ED&I charters and assessing accreditation with the National Inclusion Standard.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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