Protecting our Planet 

Doing our part to commit to a more sustainable future

We will do our part to protect the planet. 

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Continually Monitoring and Reducing our Environmental Impact

  • We have put in place an Environmental Management System (EMS) which supports us in managing and monitoring our environmental impacts for our business at a project level. It gives us the tools to ensure the environment is considered in everything we do

  • We provide employees with the tools to make sustainable choices wherever possible

  • We are ISO14001 accredited which means we have an effective Environmental Management System in place

Being Carbon Neutral  

  • We are focussing on reducing our emissions where possible and offsetting those emissions we cannot prevent

  • We have estimated our carbon emissions for FY20/21. This includes several typical emission sources for office-based organisations. You can download the Methodology for further information on how our carbon footprint was calculated

  • We also help our clients make environmentally conscious decisions wherever possible

Consuming, Purchasing and Investing Responsibly

  • We have a limited supply chain, due to the nature of our work. Where we do use suppliers and sub-contractors, we make sure we operate to environmental standards outlined in our travel and environmental policies

  • We always source ethically and look to reduce our environmental impact. For example we do this by using suppliers that deliver by bike, and use recyclable or re-usable packaging

  • Our marketing materials are supplied by Pinksheep who use Ora's sustainability scheme helping us use sustainably sourced materials

We want to help our people, customers and suppliers be more environmentally conscious by…

Green Agenda

Writing thought leaderships on sustainability and decarbonisation topics and actively working with our clients to help them develop their decarbonisation and sustainability agendas.

Internal Awareness

Continually raising internal awareness of environmental issues and supporting our people to make sustainable decisions at work and at home.


Ensuring our employees review alternative ways of travelling to our clients through our Environmental Management processes. In addition, we promote greener ways of commuting which include our cycle to work scheme.

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