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The challenge

Across all sectors, the pace of change is relentless. To succeed in this new world order, organisations must be able to manage ongoing change as part of everyday business. This requires effective leadership engagement at all levels supported by an internal change capability and processes. We help organisations deliver change with skill and efficiency, from delivering critical strategic initiatives through to delivering organisational change.

Our approach

How we can help you tackle your challenges

Manage change

With our support and change management framework, you can start building your change leadership and articulate a clear vision for the future.

Deliver change

We provide structured change approaches to help you lead, coordinate and manage the delivery of change.

Sustain change

We help you establish a ‘pro-change’ culture where individuals work towards long-term goals and are equipped to deliver change.

Analyse change

We work with you to check that your processes, systems and communications are fit for purpose and we advise on improvements. We analyse your organisation's ability to cope with planned changes and how these will affect staff.

What we deliver

Our proven change management framework is pragmatic and flexible. We work collaboratively with you to ensure we understand the transformation taking place and the benefits from your stakeholders’ perspective. This allows us to tailor interventions which will deliver a successful and sustained change. Each stage of our framework is underpinned by tested tools and techniques, such as engagement strategies, organisational climate surveys, staff engagement events, training, manager toolkits and post-implementation reviews. Join the many clients we’ve helped deliver lasting change, including British Airways, BT and the NHS.

How we work

Client testimonial

Moorhouse has added structure and energy around implementation, translating concepts into specific deliverables and helping to remove ambiguity - an outstanding team that played a key role in the success of accelerationg our internal business change.

Vice President Strategy and Operations, BT Global Services

Our work

Plane landing

Supporting the integration of British Airways and bmi

British Airways’ takeover of bmi was the largest aviation merger in UK history. Both airlines had large operations centres that were carrying out similar functions. British Airways undertook an ambitious plan to streamline these operations and integrate the two airlines within eight months. We were engaged to help ensure that integration was delivered on time and within budget. We helped deliver the integration and deliver significant savings to British Airways.

Barometer on Change 2017

Challenging Customers? Innovate, Collaborate, Engage

The pressure for organisations to meet customer demands is at a five year high. With new technology and innovation, customers are now receiving better products and services than ever before. In our 2017 Barometer on Change we explore how to approach the new risks and opportunities as customers are becoming exponentially more demanding.

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