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The challenge

80% of companies think they deliver a great experience but only 8% of customers feel they get one. With expectations increasing exponentially, it’s getting harder to anticipate and meet customer needs. Organisations must go beyond the surface, putting customer at the heart of what they do, from insight and strategy to engagement and delivery.

Our approach

How we can help you tackle your challenges

Shape your customer centric organisation

Too often, customers are an afterthought when organisations seek to shape their vision and strategy.  We believe that to set a clear direction for your organisation, you need a compelling vision and an approach centred on the customer and their needs.  We work with you to create this.

Put the building blocks in place

To deliver your vision and strategy requires clear and practical building blocks. Whether you need to modernise your marketing function or integrate your customer experience across channels, we work with you to put the right elements in place, driving aligned, efficient and effective operations.

Improve the customer operation

With the increasing amount of data available and customer behaviour constantly evolving, you need to focus on optimising your customer operation. We monitor and improve performance, feeding customer data into business decision making and long term planning, as well as maximising value from your existing teams and processes.

What we deliver

Whether you are setting the direction for a more customer centric organisation or seeking to improve customer operations, Moorhouse provides the tools, techniques and experience to shape, build and improve. Our work covers the following areas: customer vision and strategy, brand strategy, customer operating model, customer experience, customer data and insight, campaign management and innovation.

How we work

Our work

Barometer on Change 2017

Challenging Customers? Innovate, Collaborate, Engage

The pressure for organisations to meet customer demands is at a five year high. With new technology and innovation, customers are now receiving better products and services than ever before. In our 2017 Barometer on Change we explore how to approach the new risks and opportunities as customers are becoming exponentially more demanding.

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