Strategic Design

Companies must continue to review and evolve their strategy. Our Strategic Design Team helps our clients to develop and deliver their strategy. It equips them with the approach and tools to achieve what is most important to them, by translating an ambition into a real set of changes that enables them to deliver their strategy.

What We Do


Refine and Challenge Strategy

Working collaboratively with our clients we establish strategic objectives assessing financial drivers, customer propositions, core processes and organisational knowledge and talent. 


Articulate your Strategy

It is important to understand your vision, why it matters and how you will achieve it. Strategies that are not well cascaded through the organisation or difficult to understand are not successful. We work with clients to develop simple, well articulated strategies that enable our clients to achieve their objectives.  


Operating Model and Organisation Design

Modelling the organisation is more than just an org-chart. We identify core value drivers and design the operating model around them. The organisation design aligns people to the operating model ensuring the right capabilities are in place to deliver their strategic objectives 


Strategic Portfolio and Business Plan

We establish clear actions that need to be taken to deliver an organisation's strategy. We support our clients to review and prioritise their portfolio ensuring they focus on their most critical initiatives. 


Review and Innovate

Strategy isn't a linear process. It is important to continue to review and innovate your strategy. Using performance data and customer insight we seek to establish a process of continual strategic design giving clients the ability to remain agile in a constantly changing enviroment. 

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