Electronic Ticketing bid advice and support at a Fortune Global 50 Conglomerate

What was the challenge?

A Fortune Global 50 multinational conglomerate situated outside of Europe wished to enter the Electronic Ticketing market in a large European country. They had identified a regional transport body that was preparing to procure an Account Based Back Office Ticketing solution through a competitive process worth c. £100m+. Our client is the dominant electronic ticketing provider in their home market but required a European partner to work with them and advise on the local transit and transport ticketing market and then support preparations for a successful bid.​

How did we help?

In the first phase, Moorhouse was engaged to help them review the requirements and build an internal case to bid. Working closely with their technical and commercial teams, Moorhouse used subject matter expertise to build a functional model of the required solution and used international reference points to model the likely size of the opportunity. ​

In the second phase, Moorhouse worked with their European and Far East teams to conduct a gap analysis between the requirements and the client’s capability. To address the gaps, Moorhouse used their industry knowledge and contacts to introduce the client to nine separate ticketing industry organisations. Moorhouse developed a framework to assess the suitability of these organisations and facilitated negotiations until the final consortium was agreed with three partners. ​

Moorhouse mobilised the bid team including clear governance across multiple business units, regular reporting to executive level and a clear risk / issue and action process. As the procurement approached, Moorhouse worked with the technical team to storyboard how they should present their technical solution and supported the development of bespoke software to best advertise their capabilities. ​

What was the impact?

  • £100m+ electronic ticketing opportunity qualified with executive support to proceed​
  • Bid consortium assembled and ready to proceed when procurement commences​

  • Bid team mobilised with roles and responsibilities defined and overseen by agreed governance process​​

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