New Network Rollout

What was the challenge?

Our client, a major telecoms operator, won a significant strategic contract to deliver new services. They faced a significant challenge to plan and deliver the expansion of their network, enhance existing solutions, and develop new technical solutions. They also needed to set up internal governance and reporting processes, define the 'to-be' organisation structure, and assess the cultural change required.

How did we help?

Moorhouse supported the delivery of the programme in a number of areas. Moorhouse set up a PMO as a key interface with the client and their customer. Both internal and external governance and reporting processes were established, giving the programme structure and stability, and providing a crucial method of challenge and continuous assurance.
Moorhouse was engaged to support the development of the technical solution, business transformation and implementation plans. Working with third party suppliers, the Moorhouse team aligned technical and business workstreams and supported the legal and procurement teams to negotiate subcontracts which underpinned the delivery of the programme. Moorhouse designed and delivered the new Service Management Framework, Operating Model, and processes, all while managing information flows and contractual negotiations.
The roll out of new sites as part of the programme is one of the largest and fastest seen in the telecoms industry. Moorhouse supported the acquisition phase of the deployment, accelerating the rate of planning permission and legal rights granted for sites through a new governance model, and supporting decision making with a risk-based tracker. Moorhouse also supported improvements in data analysis and reporting for the network rollout. 

What was the impact? 

The Moorhouse organisation-wide approach to the development of the technical and business solutions and supporting commercial model has enabled the client to meet all commercial milestones to date.

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